Launch your next business in minutes, not months

CloudSeed is a dead-simple project base that takes care of common business scaffolding so you can focus on building your business - not reinventing the wheel.

Batteries included

Launch in minutes

Start launching business features now. Don't spend cycles rerolling authentication, payments, integrations etc.

Users + Authentication

Registration + Login pages, email-based authentication, authentication

Payments + Subscriptions

Checkout, order, and invoice integrations with Stripe. Provision and manage subscriptions.

Scalable Architecture

Multi-tier architecture leveraging industry-leading technologies to scale to your first 100k users.

Data Integration + Upkeep

Fully integrated datamodel using EntityFramework Core and Postgres. Built-in database upgrade mechanisms to keep your data up-to-date.


Fully Dockerized so you can develop and deploy anywhere.

Configure your business

Flexible configuration via files, environment variables, and secrets.

Tech Stack

Familiar, Battle-Tested Tools