Launch your next business in minutes, not months

CloudSeed is a simple, powerful project base that takes care of common business scaffolding so you can focus on building your business - not reinventing the wheel.

Batteries included

Launch in minutes

Start launching business features now. Don't spend cycles rerolling authentication, payments, integrations etc.

Users + Authentication

Registration + Login pages, email-based authentication, authentication

Payments + Subscriptions

Checkout, order, and invoice integrations with Stripe. Provision and manage subscriptions.

Scalable Architecture

Multi-tier architecture leveraging industry-leading technologies to scale to your first 100k+ users and beyond.

Data Integration + Upkeep

Fully integrated datamodel using EntityFramework Core and Postgres. Built-in database upgrade mechanisms to keep your data up-to-date.


Fully containerized via Docker so you can develop and deploy anywhere.

Customizable for your Business

Flexible configuration and decoupled architecture allows you to customize and grow your system along with your business.

Build with Confidence

Comprehensive testing environment for unit and integration tests against a live DB.

Tech Stack

Familiar, Battle-Tested Tools