Release Notes

Regular updates of new releases.

2022.12.17 - Small perf / security optimizations

Removing the Kestrel default Server Header for small perf (less than 1%) and security wins.

More info in: F# / Giraffe - 0.98% faster

2022.12.16 - CloudSeed upgrades to SvelteKit 1.0

SvelteKit finally hit 1.0 so we’re upgrading to it. This should mean better support and less breaking changes going forward.

CloudSeed has already been on a later SvelteKit version for some time so as long as you’ve pulled in the last few months you shouldn’t be surprised by any breaking changes from this upgrade.

(the big one was the change to +page and +layout they rolled out in prep for 1.0)

2022.12.16 - Improving Backend Documentation

Over the past few weeks I’ve been releasing several Shares related to the technologies / principles central to CloudSeed.

There’s now enough content that I can put together a decent documentation section for it and link out for further reading.

As always - let us know if you have any Qs!

2022.12.15 - Creating Release Notes

I decided it might be a good idea to have some public version of release notes. Those in the repo can see any changes pushed but from the outside it may be unclear how much is changing.

This page will serve as a light-weight way to publicly announce any note-worthy changes.

That said, it’s likely that not all changes will be note-worthy. For all changes, the CloudSeed repo is still the best source of truth.